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  1. Bookings are only secure once full payment is received. 
  2. ​Government Lockdowns
  1. Adverse weather During any adverse weather conditions, We can try and re-schedule or we will transfer classes and 1-2-1 sessions, online via Zoom. This ensures you and your dog won’t miss out on any of your training.
  2. Cancellations by Dog/Puppy Owners
  1. Juniper cancellations:
  1. If you have completed a 1-2-1 training package and decided to not adhere to any advice given you will not be offered a refund. It will have been explained to you over the phone consultation what to expect and what type of training will be involved (gentle, positive and kind methods) – time and patience are vital in behavioural training.
  2. We are strictly positive reinforcement methods only Dog Training business and do not tolerate any form of heavy/harsh handling or training techniques. We cannot accept choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, slip leads or any form of harsh training tools.  All you are required to bring is a standard lead or harness, high-value tasty treats and a clicker if you use one. Other equipment may be required depending on the course but specific requirements will be communicated to you. 
  3. Dog Health
  1. Juniper Dogs carries comprehensive insurance with Pet Business Insurance. However, any accident or injury during training sessions may not be covered if you have failed to use appropriate equipment or fail to follow all given advice.
  2. Our methods are all force-free. However, the results are never instant and take commitment from the client to work with their dog in the long term.
  3. Although we cannot fully guarantee a 100% success rate with our training methods,  we have a high success rate with previous clients who follow and practice our methods in the long term.
  4. All dogs that are known to bite other dogs or cause injury need to wear a muzzle, we take no responsibility for dogs who are not muzzled or kept under control, during our session or when working outside of our session. Failure to wear a muzzle when asked may result in termination of your support.
  5. Dogs must be always kept under control when we enter your premises.  Failure to do so and any injury caused by your dog being out of control will be your full responsibility.
  6. In some cases Juniper Dogs use stooge dogs to aid training. You will be responsible for keeping your dog a sufficient and safe distance from the stooge dog and if asked will need your dog to wear a muzzle during these sessions.