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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately It is not possible to swap between courses. Please choose a particular day and time when you can attend that class for the whole 4 week course.

We think it is very important that all handlers start training on the same day with their dogs or puppies. Many classes around North London offer a system where new dogs start each week. We do NOT use this system as we have found over 35 years that allowing new dogs into a class every week is counter productive to training and disruptive to the dog training class. If you are comparing classes always ask which system that dog or puppy training or socialisation class uses.

You will be reminded about what to bring on your confirmation email. We prefer that your dog is on a flat buckle type collar not a slip or choke chain. Flexible/ retractable leads do not work well for our training classes, so an ordinary 3 or 4 ft lead is ideal. Bring tasty treats for you dog, we have a range of meaty treats if you need some. Dog choc drops are not the best training treat, small pieces of chicken make excellent training rewards. Make sure you have sent us a photo of your dogs vaccination certificate.

We recommend that you do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours before classes, if possible only feed a light meal at lunch time and do not feed any evening meal just before classes. There are many advantages to not feeding before classes but the most important is that your dog will feel comfortable travelling and at classes if has not eaten recently.

We do not sell dog training treats or equipment at classes. We promote responsible dog ownership and we can give advice and guide you towards suppliers of other dog training equipment for example: Dog training equipment and cages etc.

Most dogs fit in very well to our dog training classes and high spirits are kept under control. But sometimes dog training classes are not always the best place to start training over excitable dogs or older dogs with behaviour problems. To read more about the dog behaviour services we offer look at the behaviour training pages. There are a number of options we can offer so if you are worried about your dog being disruptive at classes give us a call to discuss how we can integrate your dog into our class environment.

We have had great success over the years helping nervous dogs overcome some of their fears. The environment we create is very safe for shy dogs and we will not allow boisterous dogs to frighten the more sensitive characters in our classes. So although the dogs may not appear to be enjoying classes in the early stages it is worthwhile persevering because it is possible to slowly effect change.

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