Our Mission

At Juniper Dogs We Aim To Provide A Fun Energetic And Positive Learning Environment – And That’s Just For The Owners!

We believe your puppy deserves a great start in life and learning the fundamentals sets them up well for their life journey. For older dogs that need that extra help to get back on track, we help them using positive and confidence building training techniques. Gone are the alpha and dominant hierarchies and in comes Operant Conditioning where you and your dog learn having fun and discovering the world together.

Anthony Hewitt

About me, Anthony Hewitt

Hi, I’m Anthony and I set up Juniper dogs in early 2022 after spending time as a volunteer dog trainer at Newbury and District Dog Training Society (NDDTS). At the society, I have assisted in classes training hundreds of dogs from Puppy and Basics up to Intermediate and Advanced obedience. I have also progressed to leading in puppy classes.

I’ve always had a love for dogs and always seemed to get on with them (except the one that bit me when I was a teenage milkman!), Ever since I was a young boy dogs have been in my life and I even helped my neighbours by looking after their dogs and taking them for walks. In my teenage years, we had a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who I will never forget, and it tore my heart apart when I left home for pastures new leaving him behind.

Now, I have my best mate Jasper (he is in all the pictures on this page). He is an English Springer Spaniel who is getting old, but we still enjoy spending time together although at a slower pace. He’s been such a loyal friend over the years – just like all dogs are!