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Loose Lead Walking – Masterclass

Your dog is walking by your side and not pulling on the lead at any time during your walk Your lead is smiling – that’s Loose Lead Walking!
£25.00– One Time Payment

Loose Lead Walking – Masterclass

So many owners expect dogs to just know how to walk on leash out of the box, but unfortunately, that is not the case. There are so many stimuli luring them in all sorts of directions like, dogs, noises, people, smells, marking opportunities, etc. Teaching loose leash walking not only makes walks more enjoyable, but also serves as a platform for buildings stronger bond with your dog.

Loose Lead Walking

Confidence to walk your dog on the lead with other distractions around you.


How to get your dog walking beside you with a smiling loose lead.


Learn cues all the family can use.

Basic Cues

Getting and keeping your dog’s attention on you, even in the face of distractions.

Class Situation

Choose Your Date and Time


Course Testimonials

Some Faqs

We do not generally allow switching of courses but we understand that sometimes circumstances change so we take each request on its own merit

We think it is very important that all dogs and owners start their training on the same day. This means that all the dogs are at the same level each week and minimises the disruption to the classes.

You will be reminded about what to bring on your confirmation email. We prefer that your dog is on a flat buckle type collar or harness and not a slip lead or choke chain. Flexible/ retractable leads do not work for our training classes, so an ordinary 1.5m lead is ideal. Bring high value treats for you dog such as chicken, sausage, cheese, liver cake etc

We recommend that you do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours before classes, if possible only feed a light meal at lunch time and do not feed any evening meal just before classes.

We do not currently sell dog training treats or equipment at classes. We promote responsible dog ownership and we can give advice and guide you towards suppliers of dog training and other equipment

Most dogs fit in very well to our dog training classes and high spirits are kept under control. But sometimes dog training classes are not always the best place to start training over excitable dogs or older dogs with behaviour problems. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can best integrate your dog into our class environment.

We have had great success over the years helping nervous dogs overcome their fears. The environment we create is very safe for shy dogs. We space the dogs out and put thought in to who is at the side of who. Being in an environment with a number of other dogs can help yours gain confidence and we always let all the other handlers know that your dog is anxious and needs space.

Still have any questions about the course just ask here

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