Loose Lead Walking

Your dog is walking by your side and not pulling on the lead at any time during your walk Your lead is smiling - that's Loose Lead Walking!

Dog Training Course


So many owners expect dogs to just know how to walk on leash out of the box, but unfortunately, that is not the case. There are so many stimuli luring them in all sorts of directions like, dogs, noises, people, smells, marking opportunities, etc. Teaching loose leash walking not only makes walks more enjoyable, but also serves as a platform for buildings stronger bond with your dog.


  • Confidence to walk your dog on the lead with other distractions around you.
  • How to get your dog walking beside you with a smiling loose lead.
  • Learn cues all the family can use.
  • Getting and keeping your dog’s attention on you, even in the face of distractions.
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Detail: The course is split over two 40 min sessions which will be run two weeks apart. This gives you plenty of time to practice the training and homework provided.

Price: £25
Location: Greenham Community Centre, Newbury
Date: The next course starts 23rd September 2022
Time: 6.50pm