Dog Training Course

Graduation programme

The Dog training Course

To take you to the next level

Our ‘Graduation Programme’ Dog Training Course takes forward the puppies that completed the ‘Positivity Programme’ or the dogs that have completed the ‘Foundation’ Programme, to expand and enhance those learnings. 

Initially, we will recap what we have done before ensuring that the conditioning you worked on has been applied and is giving the correct results. We then expand and enhance this knowledge to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

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graduation Programme Dog Training Course

Take a look at the 5 key areas we cover on the course and see how we develop yours and your dogs training.

Basic Cues

Your dog should know some all of the most common cues but we will re-capto make sure everyone is at the same level. Using the three D's we will enhance them all and discuss where they can be used in real life situations that could affect the health and safety of your dog. We will coach you how to perfect these easily and methodically.

Socialisation / Habituation

Most dogs should be well socialised by 6 months old and have a wide experience of the world out there. We will make sure there are no challenges in this area for you and you dog and advise you of the best methods to overcome issues.

Life Skills

We will help and advise you with all the common questions, including toilet training, Settling in any situation, sleeping habits, mouthing / nipping, separation anxiety, chewing, confidence building and how to introduce your your dog to children and other dogs or pets in your household.

Loose Lead Walking

We all know how frustrating it is when your dog starts pulling, lunging or criss-crossing in front of you on walks. With our easy to learn method for teaching loose lead walking, you will soon have a happy walk for you and your puppy!


A strong recall is one of the key skills to have in your pocket to confidently allow your dog off lead in the park or other open spaces. The ability to have your dog come straight back to you when called is very satisfying and can keep them from possible dangers.

Dog Training Course

Format and pricing

The class is made up of six weekly sessions that are 40 minutes long. You will receive weekly worksheets and a certificate at the end of the course. 
The sessions are made up of a small class of 6 to 10 dogs depending on venue. You are welcome to come with family members but we ask if just one can work with your puppy at a time.
We offer telephone support during the training so you always have help at hand. The price for this course is £99.